Mix: DashJack, Google, BridePods, Stevie Nicks

DashJack, an in-car iPod integration startup, has filed a patent application for a car stereo head unit that accepts an iPod through an opening in the front, allowing users to play and control music stored on the device through the stereo.

Google is now streaming some of its commercial videos for free as part of an ad-supported test run. BizJournals.com reports: “Among the free videos are movies that include ‘Billy the Kid’ and Charlie Chaplin classics, classic cartoons that viewers were charged $1.99 for previously, episodes of ‘The Charlie Rose Show,’ and wrestling matches.”
Philadelphia’s NBC 10 has filed a report on videographers now offering wedding videos in iPod video format and others who podcast wedding highlights to friends and family.

Singer Stevie Nicks is donating hundreds of iPods to soldiers wounded in Iraq. Contact Music reports: “The former Fleetwood Mac star regularly visits soldiers at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. She explains, ‘I refuse to be pulled into the politics of war. But once these soldiers sign up, go to war and come back to a hospital, I will do whatever it takes to make them better.’ Nicks has provided iPods loaded with her music, along with fellow artists Aerosmith and Elvis Presley.”

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