Mix: Dateline, EMI, Audi, ChangeWave

Dateline NBC ran a story last night about the problem of iPod theft, and poses the question of whether Apple could help trace stolen iPods using data in found in tracks purchased from the iTunes Store.

Terra Firma’s takeover of EMI has crossed another milestone, as the firm declared its £2.4 billion bid unconditional after it received the requisite 90 per cent acceptances from EMI investors.

Whether the takeover will have any affect on EMI’s DRM-free offerings on iTunes has yet to be seen.

Audi included black 30GB iPods, preloaded with Audi content, with its special VIP invitations to the debut of its new R8 model in Tokyo.

According to a new survey by ChangeWave, 16% of respondents who plan on purchasing a cell phone in the next six months plan to get an Apple iPhone, a greater percentage than any competing manufacturer.