Mix: DDEX, Rubinstein, Hi-Fi deal, Defaced store

In an effort to better track digital music sales, the four major record labels and companies such as Apple, Microsoft and RealNetworks have founded a consortium called Digital Data Exchange (DDEX).

Jon Rubinstein, the former senior vice president of Apple’s iPod division, recently cashed in 112,293 shares of Apple common stock in exchange for nearly $8 million.
J&R Music and Computer World is selling Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi speaker system for $299—$50 below the retail price.

Apple’s Korean online store was recently defaced by a hacker. “The attack, carried out by someone working under the name ‘Dinam’, who claimed in his post to be Turkish, was brought to the attention of silicon.com last Thursday. The defacement was removed from Apple’s website shortly after silicon.com alerted the company.”

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