Mix: Dell, iPodder Lemon, Samsung, FairPlay DRM


A Dell executive said today that his company is far behind in digital music and that the iPod has reinvigorated Apple. “We’re obviously not competing very well [with the iPod],” Dell Chief Financial Officer Jim Schneider said. “Apple has come out with a nice product and I think it’s really turned their company around.”

CNET News.com reports that iPodder Lemon, a popular open source podcasting application, has been forced to change its name due to pressure from Apple.

Samsung and Apple are expected to sign a long-term contract worth “several hundred million US dollars” by the end of this month to supply NAND flash chips for iPods, according various media reports.

Newsweek’s Steven Levy criticizes Apple for refusing to license its FairPlay digital rights management technology: “Jobs’s explanation is that it’s not something users are asking for, and if a groundswell of users clamor for compatibility, he’ll consider it. Take my word for it, Steve—when people pay for music, they want it to be playable on any device they choose.”

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