Disney/ABC will offer several of its hit shows such as Lost and Desperate Housewives for free on the web. The programming will feature commercials and will not be downloadable to computers or portable devices.

Apple will release its second quarter financial results on Wednesday, April 19 after the markets close. Analyst are expecting earnings of around 44 cents a share and $4.5 billion in revenue.
The iPod vending machines in Atlanta and San Francisco are doing well, according to Zoom Systems, the company behind the business. “Even though buyers are asked to plunk down a credit card for almost three bills to walk away with an iPod, the company says demand is strong, and they’ve started researching other locations.”

Forbes’ Stephen Manes has written an article, entitled “NotPods,” that looks as the lack of strong iPod rivals. “The burgeoning culture of iPod accessories, both software and hardware, helps ensure that those who think different and shun the iPod will remain in the minority. For the foreseeable future, the greatest competition for an iPod is the next one,” he says.

LC Angell

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