Mix: EA Mobile, Australia, AT&T, Star Without Wars

Travis Boatman, EA Mobile’s vice president of worldwide studios, made several comments regarding the iPad in a recent interview with Mobile Entertainment. “We’re really pleased with the results so far,” Boatman said. “It’s been a successful launch given the track record of Apple, and we’ve invested in it appropriately. iPad isn’t quite a mobile phone, but it has a lot of the characteristics of the type of device that plays well with our gameplay: it’s a portable device with digital distribution.” Calling the iPad a “destination device,” Boatman explained that the usage patterns of iPad users are changing how the company looks at developing games for the device. “We’re deepening the scope of the games, because people really do decide to sit down with it on their laps and play for longer periods of time. That affects the kind of games we build.”

Both Vodafone and 3 in Australia have announced their data plans and rates for the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G. Vodafone is offering four monthly plans, including 250MB of data for $10 (AU), 1GB for $15 (AU), 4GB for $30 (AU), and Unlimited data for $50 (AU), as well as 6GB of data good for 180 days for $100 (AU) and 12GB of data good for one year for $150. 3 is offering four pre-paid plans, with 500MB of data + 1GB bonus data for $15 (AU) monthly, 2GG + 2GB bonus for $30 (AU) monthly, 4GB of data + 2GB bonus data for $50 (AU) monthly , and 12GB of data per year for $150 (AU). [Thanks, Albert]

Without citing any sources, the Boy Genius Report claims that AT&T has told its employees that the next-generation iPhone will launch in June, adding that “from what we’ve heard, it won’t even be late June.” Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the device during his 2010 WWDC keynote address on June 7.

Star Without Wars has introduced its Fantabulos Case for the iPad (Pictured). The sleeve-style case is made from 100% polyester felt, and features colorful, soft inner lining, a vertical design, and an elastic band for keeping the top flap closed. Star Without Wars’ Fantabulos Case for the iPad is available now and sells for $25.

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