Mix: Earnings, Duke, Verizon, iPhone Japan

Charles Starrett
By Charles Starrett  - Senior Editor

Apple will report its results for the third fiscal quarter 2007 on Wednesday afternoon, and will also offer a webcast of the conference call discussing the results that will begin at 5:00 pm Eastern time on Wed.

Following earlier reports blaming the iPhone for problems with Duke University’s Wi-Fi network, the school’s CIO has issued a statement exonerating the device, stating that the problem “was caused by a Cisco-based network issue.”

Verizon Wireless has announced a licensing deal with Broadcom that enables the cellular provider to circumvent a previous U.S.

International Trade Commission ban on imports of new cell phone models containing certain Qualcomm chips, which were found to violate a Broadcom patent. Some see the move as necessary following the successful launch of the iPhone on AT&T.

Despite the fact that the device isn’t fully functional in their country, a number of Japanese iPhone owners met up recently, and have posted a couple of photos from the event on Flickr.

Charles Starrett
By Charles Starrett Senior Editor
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