Apple has released an updated configuration profile that claims to fix problems with Exchange ActiveMail syncing some users were experiencing after upgrading their devices to iOS 4. According to Apple’s support document on the issue, some users were noticing “that Exchange ActiveSync Mail, Contacts, or Calendars do not sync, or sync very slowly. In addition, some Exchange Server administrators may notice their servers running slowly.” To fix the issue, users simply need to download the new configuration file, which is linked on the support page, install, and reboot their devices.

iFixIt has posted a teardown of the gyroscope found within the iPhone 4. According to the brief article, the microelectromechanical system (MEMS) chip consists of a plate, called a “proof mass,” that gets displaced when a user rotates the phone. A processor senses the proof mass’ displacement via capacitor plates, and converts the capacitive signals into a digital signal which is then sent to the phone’s processor.

GelaSkins has introduced its new line of skins for the iPhone 4. GelaSkins for the iPhone 4 (pictured) are cut to precisely fit the device, protecting the front, back, and, optionally, the sides—which the company suggests might help alleviate the reception issues caused when skin is in contact with the phone’s metal band. In addition, the skins feature 3M adhesive technology for easier application and residue-free removal, and include access to the GelaSkins wallpaper gallery. GelaSkins’ protective skins for the iPhone 4 are available now and sell for $15 each.

Oklahoma State University is planning to pilot an iPad initiative during the Fall 2010 semester with select courses. According to Macsimum News, the courses will be from the School of Media and Strategic Communications and the Spears School of Business at both the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses. The iPads will reportedly be used for academic purposes, as well as to explore innovative and tactical uses specific to each school’s industry needs. “We will evaluate the academic enhancement to the courses, how the iPad and its specific apps and web-based tools can be integrated in this capacity, and perhaps most importantly, how the integration of these mobile tools can expand the tactical abilities of students as they enter the workforce,” said Oklahoma State president Burns Hargis. “This pilot initiative will provide valuable insight into the research benefits of the Apple iPad in the classroom.”

Charles Starrett

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