Mix: Fingeric, Office, SwitchEasy, Burning Monkey

Luga has released its new Fingeric game for the iPhone and iPod touch. As a quick-paced, touch-based game, Fingeric gives you three symbols at a time that you have to touch in the manner indicated. Two dots means two taps on the symbol, while a straight arrow means swipe that symbol in that direction,  three curved rotating arrows means rotate all three arrows in the same direction, and so on. Fingeric is available now as a free download from the App Store.

According to a posting on Microsoft’s Channel 10 blog, the company’s upcoming Microsoft Office Web Applications will work on the iPhone. In a brief Q&A piece, Channel 10 blogger Sarah Perez says that “Yes,” the Office Web Applications will work “in the Safari web browser.” Currently, users may only view, not edit, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files on the iPhone; DataViz has announced that it is working on a version of its Documents To Go editing software for the iPhone, but has yet to set a release date or pricing. [via Beyond Binary]

SwitchEasy has announced that it is now offering its RebelTouch case for the iPod touch 2G in seven different colors. Previously available in black or white only, the case is now available in arctic (frosted transparent), red, celestial (two-tone blue), devil (black & red), and skeleton (black & white). The SwitchEasy RebelTouch for iPod touch 2G is available now and sells for $25; for more information, see our full review.

Freeverse has released its new Burning Monkey Casino game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app features seven different games—video poker, slots, blackjack, money wheel, pachinko, lotto, and 3-card monty—all set in a nostalgic “mod” atmosphere. Burning Monkey Casino is available now from the App Store and sells for $1.

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