Mix: France/Apple, Third-grader, Radio erosion, Abilene Univ.

France Trade Minister Christine Lagarde said yesterday that Apple shouldn’t be surprised at the country’s proposed law to sever the link between the iPod and iTunes Music Store. “Any time a company restricts competition in a market, it gets the attention of regulating agencies. We have to play by the rules of the game,” she said.

A California third-grader received a formal letter from Apple’s legal department after she mailed a note to Apple CEO Steve Jobs with suggestions on how to improve the iPod nano. Following a report by a local CBS news team, an Apple legal counsel called the girl and apologized.

Podcasting and MP3 players such as the iPod are contributing to a drop in terrestrial radio listening. According to a survey by Bridge Ratings, 27% of people 12-24 attribute their reduced use of radio to MP3 use, while 22% attributed it to tired radio programming.

Abilene Christian University in Texas has redesigned two of its graduate programs so course materials can be downloaded onto video iPods. “The program will allow busy graduate students to enhance their education while meeting the responsibilities of jobs and family, said Dr. Gary Tucker, director of distance education.”

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