Mix: Gadget of the year, Gruber, SNL, Joy of Tech

Mike Wendland of the Detroit Free Press says the iPod mini is his gadget of year. “All of the iPods are awesome. But this little package, weighing in at 3.6 ounces, a half-inch thick and the size of a business card, is so slick and so sleek that all I can say is: Sweet.”

In his latest commentary piece, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber aims to dubunk the image and description of the rumored flash iPod that TheMacMind posted earlier this week.

Actor Colin Farrell, who is hosting Saturday Night Live this week, appeared in a Spanish-language talk show skit as U2’s Bono along with the band’s special edition iPod. The host, “Fericito,” countered Farell/Bono with an older Sanyo cassette recorder/player that “holds 15 songs and your photos too” (fold-out wallet photos were taped to the back of the large player).

The current Joy of Tech comic pokes fun at the rumored flash memory-based iPod. The comic features four “flash” iPods including a Super-hero branded iPod, a disco edition, and an iPod “flasher.”

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