Mix: Gameloft, Safari HD, iPhone, Poolga

During a recent speech, Gameloft founder Michel Guillemot featured an image of an iPhone running a Gameloft game in one of his slides. Pocket Gamer suggests that although the image may have been a mock-up, given Gameloft’s past relationship with Apple on iPod games, it would not be surprising to see the company develop games for the iPhone.

Safari HD, an unofficial hack for the Apple TV that allows users to browse the internet using the set-top box, has been released and updated for compatibility with Apple TV software 2.0.

Safari HD uses the WebKit rendering engine, and supports web plugins such as Flash and any others supported by Safari.

A panel at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last week praised the iPhone for its ease of use and interface. The panel, titled “It’s the User Experience, Stupid,” agreed that the iPhone represents a new model for mobile operators to follow, and that the current mobile user experience, when compared to the iPhone, is not very good.

Poolga is a site offering a collection of iPhone and iPod touch wallpapers from a selection of designers and illustrators from around the world. According to the site, new wallpapers are added every couple of days, and all the wallpapers are free to download and use on your own device [possibly NSFW].