Mix: Georgia College, Shareholders, Do Not Disturb, Inflation

Professors and students at Georgia College & State University have strongly embraced the iPod. “At least 100 of the rural school’s employees are turning iPods into education or research tools — impressive for a college with only about 300 faculty,” notes the AP.

Apple will hold its annual shareholders’ meeting on April 27 at the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. Shareholders will be asked to re-elect Apple’s board of directors.

“Do not Disturb” and “Talk To Me” iPod shuffle stickers could be the next to be offered by Shufflesome. “Through a playful approach the sticker either strengthens the wish for privacy but also offers the opportunity to break up the silence with the direct demand for conversation,” the designer says.

The Office of National Statistics said today that the MP3 player has replaced the CD player on the list of goods used to measure inflation in Britain.

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