Mix: Google, BusinessWeek report, iPod bandits, David Pogue

At the Consumer Electronics Show late last week, Google officially announced its Google Video Store, with content from CBS, the NBA, Sony BMG, Charlie Rose and more.

As part of a special report on Apple, BusinessWeek has posted the following articles: “More Apple Miracles in 2006?,” “Just What Apple Needs: Intel,” “The Latest Add-Ons for iPods,” “The Great European iPod Famine,” “Facts from the Apple Rumor Mill” and “How Apple Could Mess Up, Again.”

Two “brazen bandits” walked behind an electronics counter in a Connecticut CompUSA during business hours to steal $8,000 worth of iPods. It was all caught on camera.

David Pogue of The New York Times has posted notes from his “iPod Dynasty” panel at CES. The panel consisted of Apple rivals including executives from Real and Yahoo Music.

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