Wired’s Scott Carney reports on India’s consumer electronics gray market. “After a good deal of haggling, I can pick up a 30-GB video iPod for $280, which is only $20 cheaper than you can get one at Best Buy in the United States, but a whopping $160 cheaper than the $440 that authorized dealers sell iPods for in India.”

GigaOm’s Robert Young says Apple should buy YouTube. “By buying YouTube, Steve Jobs could leapfrog to the top of the heap. After all, he would end up with immediate presence within the ranks of the top 50 web properties. YouTube would also, for the first time, give Apple a platform to tap into the highly-coveted stream of online ad revenues… And by owning a leading platform for user-created content, distribution, and social networking, Jobs could fill in nearly all of Apple’s strategic holes (vs. web competitors) in one fell swoop.”
Apple shareholders have filed suit against the company in state and U.S. courts, claiming that Apple CEO Steve Jobs and other executives changed their option-grant dates to reap “millions of dollars in unlawful profits,” and filed “false and misleading statements” with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The lawsuit involving two middle school students and a missing iPod has been revised. The Chicago Tribune reports: “The lawsuit, filed Aug. 6, was in court for the first time Monday before DuPage County Judge Dorothy French, who presides over Small Claims Court. Saying the lawsuit was legally insufficient, French dismissed it, but several minutes later, McCarthy filed a revised suit with the judge’s permission. The next court date is Sept. 21, when French might assign a time for trial.”

LC Angell

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