Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry of the Wall Street Journal said a significant number of people wrote in to let them know that the iPod, Windows security concerns or a combination of the two had made them switch to a Mac or plan to do so.

Forbes tech writer Arik Hesseldahl said that a video iPod tops his 2005 wish list. “The experience shouldn’t be about watching video on a tiny handheld screen. What I do want is to output video from the iPod to a TV. An 80-gigabyte hard drive would make it practical.”

The iPod’s success isn’t just music to the ears of Apple—companies such as PortalPlayer, Audible.com, and Synaptics are also reaping the benefits.

Tweeter is offering 15 percent off iPod accessories through January 2, 2005. You must use coupon code TWTRGIFT during checkout to receive the discount.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has increased his iPod collection—to 70. “I have some white ones but lots of metallic pinks, blues. I have had every single CD I have downloaded. I enjoy gadgets.”

LC Angell

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