Mix: Harrison, Rocks, Jailbreak, Ringtones, Luna


The solo catalogue of Beatles member George Harrison has been added to iTunes. Offerings include Harrison’s critically-praised All Things Must Pass, as well as Bonus Track Versions of the self-titled George Harrison, Living in the Material World, and Somewhere in England.

A fourteen-year-old Texas girl ended up receiving not one, but two iPod boxes filled with rocks in place of the music player. Both boxes were purchased from Fort Worth, TX-area Target stores; the company has said that an investigation team is “actively looking into this matter and will partner with local law enforcement as necessary.”

Although not ready for widespread use, the iPhone developer community has managed to use an exploit in MobileSafari to launch recompiled third-party applications on v1.1.1 iPhones, and has also gained root access on iPod touch units.

Apple has acknowledged a bug that will only allow the first eight ringtones to automatically sync to the iPhone, assuming the user has more than eight. As a workaround, Apple is telling users to deselect “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” in the iPhone’s Summary Tab, and use the “Selected Ringtones” option in the Ringtones tab instead.

iLounge reader Paul Christensen has reported that the XtremeMac Luna clock radio is unable to wake his 160GB iPod classic from deep sleep to play an alarm. It is unknown whether this is a widespread bug or if it affects other members of the new iPod family, such as the iPod nano (with video) and iPod touch.

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