Mix: Hello World, T-Mobile, Sony, ‘iPhone’

The latest progress report from the iPhone Dev Wiki claims that a member named “Nightwatch” has compiled and launched the first independent “Hello World” application on the iPhone. This was made possible by using the “ARM/Mach-O Toolchain,” which is currently being refined and will reportedly be released soon.

An image of the iPhone, as well as an image claiming “Das neue Kult-Handy,” which roughly translates to “The new cult-cellphone,” has been found on T-Mobile Germany’s website.

As of this writing, the image of the iPhone had been removed, but the German phrase remains online.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer, speaking in a panel at an Allen & Co. event, reportedly called Apple CEO Steve Jobs “greedy.” Stating that he finds it funny that Jobs accuses record companies of being greedy, Stringer claimed that Jobs is himself greedy because he wants a world in which only he makes money.

A picture of a prototype Apple telephone, jokingly referred to as “the very first iPhone,” has been posted on a German site. The photo apparently came from Marc Esslinger, son of Hartmut Esslinger, designer of the Apple IIc.