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iFixit has posted a teardown of the iPod touch. Of note in the teardown article is the iPod touch’s battery, the volume of which is 81 percent that of the iPhone, and the fact that the display can be separated from the glass, allowing for more simple repairs.

iPopmybaby (formerly iPodmybaby) has introduced its new iPhone/iPod touch-styled one piece baby outfit. The design, printed on the front, features iPhone-like icons representing various baby activities such as “Nap,” “Eat,” and “Crawl.” The iPhone Baby one piece outfit sells for $18.

Laptop Magazine has posted a panel discussion with executives from Helio, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung concerning the iPhone. Topics covered include the group’s iPhone likes and dislikes, as well as questions regarding the viability of touch screen technology, and the need for convergence.

A post from Apple discussion forums member “drvelocity” claims that the black level issues with some iPod touch displays are caused by a problem with the anti-reflective coating, which suggests the problem is indeed a manufacturing defect, as opposed to a software-based problem. [via Infinite Loop]

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