Mix: Indie Podcasts, Woz, GarageBand, Lance Armstrong

Frank Barnako of MarketWatch notes that Podcasts produced by bloggers and independent web publishers are holding their own with those from commercial or public broadcasters. “By my count Friday morning, 47 of the [100] most subscribed or downloaded podcasts were produced by independents.”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has “six iPods including the iPod Photo, the shuffle and the iPod minis,” he recently said in Digital Life magazine. “My favorite is the U2 iPod. Each iPod contains a different type of music.” [via Macworld UK]

Apple has put together a tutorial on how to use its GarageBand music software to create your own Podcast.

Throughout this year’s Tour de France, SIRIUS will offer behind-the-scenes reports from Lance Armstrong and will offer daily reports via a free Podcast. [via MDN]

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