Mix: iPad 2 reservations, Cydia blocked, iPad 2 LCIs, iOS alarm glitch

Apple is now accepting online reservations for next-day, in-store iPad 2 pickup in Australia. MacStories reports that customers can only reserve an iPad 2 if their selected Apple retail store has them in stock. Interested customers can access the reservation system via Apple’s retail site.

Apple has reportedly blocked access to the Cydia jailbreak app store on its retail store networks. The iPhone Download Blog reports that if a user attempts to load the Cydia store while on one of Apple’s free wi-fi networks, they will be redirected to Apple’s website instead.

Apple has removed all external liquid contact indicators (LCI) on the iPad 2, according to a new report. 9to5Mac claims that Apple’s Genius database now lists checking the SIM card tray (if present) for corrosion as the only way to externally check for damage caused by liquid. iFixit’s teardown of the iPad 2’s headphone jack showed no LCIs present, as they were in the first-generation design; the first-generation iPad also had LCIs in the 30-pin connector port, whereas the iPad 2 appears to have none.

Some iPhone users in the U.K. are reporting that a glitch in iOS caused their alarms to malfunction. BBC News reports that the problem is related to the clocks going forward for British Summer Time, and left some users’ alarms coming one hour late, one hour early, or not sounding at all. The report notes that the glitch appears to have affected non-recurring alarms set within the iPhone’s calendar application, rather than its dedicated alarm clock.

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