According to a new survey from ChangeWave, 13% of respondents were either somewhat or very likely to purchase an iPad, a higher percentage than that of potential original iPhone customers before its launch. In the February survey of over 3,200 respondents, 4% said they were very likely to purchase an iPad, while another 9% said they were somewhat likely; these numbers compare to percentages of 3% and 6%, respectively, from a similar survey conducted ahead of the original iPhone launch in April 2007. Interestingly, the iPad numbers are down from ChangeWave’s January pre-announcement iPad survey, in which 4% of respondents said they were very likely to purchase an Apple tablet, and another 14% said they were at least somewhat likely. In addition, three-quarters of interested consumers in the January survey said they were willing to pay $500 or more for the device.

Apple has released its official 2010 Supplier Responsibility Progress Report (PDF Link). The report outlines Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct, covering areas including labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental impact, and ethics. According to the report, Apple conducted audits at 102 facilities in 2009, up from 83 in 2008 and 39 in 2007, and performed annual audits of all final assembly manufacturers. Overall, the company identified 17 core violations—the most serious class of violation in Apple’s Code of Conduct—including eight violations involving excessive recruitment fees; three cases where underage workers had been hired; three cases where the supplier contracted with non-certified vendors for hazardous waste disposal; and three cases of falsified records provided during the audit.

iPhone owner Martin Schrotz has created a custom rear case for his iPhone 3GS (Pictured). Dissatisfied with the phone’s plastic back, Schrotz created a new back cover in a CAD modeling program, and had it made out of a special RF-transparent titanium alloy, as his first aluminum effort was “a complete disaster.” More photos of the modded 3GS are available at the above link. [via Engadget]

George Fox, a Christian college in Oregon, has decided to offer all incoming undergraduate student a choice between an iPad and a MacBook, beginning in August. “With this, we’re basically asking students ‘What computing system will work best for you?’” Greg Smith, the university’s chief information officer, says. “By giving them this option, they can choose between the iPad, a mobile device known for its networking and E-textbook capabilities, or the laptop, which offers more computing horsepower.” Macsimum News reports that the college has supplied incoming students with a computer for more than 20 years, and is planning to expand Wi-Fi coverage in its dormitories to help accomodate the growing number of mobile devices on campus.

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