Mix: iPhone Canada, Teens, Theft, Promo Savings


Apple has filed for trademark protection for “iPhone” in Canada through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The filing, #1377036, was formalized on December 28, 2007.

According to a new study, despite the fact that a majority of teens realize the dangers listening to loud music pose to their hearing, most see no reason to listen to their music at a lower volume. Lead researcher Ineke Vogel said in an interview, “we strongly recommend parents to inform their children and to discuss with their children the use of MP3 players and the potential long- term, irreversible consequences for hearing capacity.” [via Engadget]

Two Apple Retail employees have been arrested after stealing 332 iPhones from the store to resell for their own profit. The pair are being charged with felony theft, with the hardware they stole being worth approximately $132,468.

Tunewear is offering iLounge readers a 20% discount on anything on its website from now until April 12, 2008. To receive the discount, enter the code “iLoungespring” on the Shopping Cart page. Griffin Technology is offering refurbished Evolve wireless speakers for $250, a $50 savings off of standard retail prices. The company notes that these Evolves are in like new condition.

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