Mix: iPhone displays, Testing, Teac, Miniskirt


In-store displays for the iPhone are making their way into Apple and AT&T Stores nationwide. The AT&T display is white with a large screen displaying a demo, while the displays going into Apple Stores resemble giant iPhones, with a similar demo running on the unit’s display.

Mix: iPhone displays, Testing, Teac, Miniskirt

NewsFactor has posted a report from a person claiming to be an iPhone tester. Balsu Thandu, the supposed tester, claims the handset is ready for launch. “For the launch, I think we are there,” he claimed.

Teac has introduced a new iPod CD sound system in Japan. The CD-x10i comes with an iPod Dock and features NXT speaker technology and a dedicated subwoofer.

A new miniskirt has surfaced that sports a pocket for housing mobile devices, such as an iPod or iPhone. The skirt also includes a headphone cable hole.

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