Mix: iPhone in India, Ireland, and Switzerland

Apple may launch the iPhone in India this year, according to a new report. The Business Standard, citing “Apple sources,” says the 8GB model will appear on the market first, with Vodafone as the carrier. “The carrier deal for India is being worked out with Vodafone,” said the source, adding: “Vodafone could also become the carrier for the Australian market once iPhone is launched there, though more than one carrier is likely for Australia.” The report states that the 16GB model’s launch may be staggered to the middle of 2009, “based on buyer response.”

Despite the recent, limited-time price reduction on the 8GB iPhone by O2 in the UK, the company claims it has no plans of extending the discount to customers in Ireland. “At present, we have no plans to introduce a similar promotional offer,” said the company. “However, as with all our products and services, we will continue to review our pricing strategy for the iPhone on an ongoing basis.”

There are 34,200 active iPhones operating in Switzerland (subscription req.), according to a report from Swiss newspaper Heute. Citing spokespersons from Swiss carriers Orange Switzerland, Sunrise, and Swisscom, the paper reports that the number of active iPhones on Swisscom grew from 13,000 in March to 20,000 in April, with Orange reporting 9,500 active phones, and Sunrise claiming 4,700 active devices. Apple has yet to announce a carrier and release date for the iPhone in Switzerland.

  1. I think this says it all really,

    “O2 says ‘footfall’ in its Irish stores doubled on the weekend the devices were launched.”

    Some of that footfall was mine, but I didnt see anyone buying though..
    It would be interesting to know how many times the words “No thanks i’m just looking” were uttered to the sales staff.

  2. Hi Mike you’ve never been to Calcutta, have you? There are more cell towers in Calcutta than in most major cities in North America…

  3. I still can’t believe it has taken this long to get the iPhone to Australia… Where is the hold up? As far as I know, it’s our ACCC that says that the iPhone can’t have a single carrier in Aus due to fair trade agreements. So hand it out to all carriers… problem solved!

  4. Tom,
    O2 seem to be very keen to disclose that ‘business’ has increased since the iPhone launched but I have yet to see any actual numbers of iPhones sold.
    Of course someone buying a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson is increasing O2’s business – let’s have some concrete figures…

    From checking the local stores in my area they always seem to either have no-one looking at the iPhones on display or the displays surrounded by kids!

    Add at least one more to the “No thanks I’m just looking” group of people walking into an O2 store!

  5. “Apple may launch the iPhone in India”

    The Republic of Macedonia sent them Mother Teresa… the USA sends them the iPhone. I wonder how many cell towers are in Calcutta?

  6. @Mike M

    I’m not Indian, but the snotty remark got me. I don’t know where you’re from, but stop thinking you’re the most advanced society on Earth. There are other people outside your borders and they live just as well – sometimes even better.

    It’s good that Apple is launching the iPhone in India. But I think jail-broken ones have already made their way there and are already being used. So launch already, because they’re already using it!

  7. I’ve been a Mac enthusiast since 1988, but even though I would love one, there is no way I would consider buying an iPhone at the price demanded in Ireland.

  8. mike is right, no matter what you try to imply, india will remain crap all through our lifetimes. it sux i was born here and have to spend my whole crap life here.

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