Mix: iPhone, locoGPS, Apple TV, Land Rover, Koch


New research has found that the iPhone is the most popular mobile on the Holiday wish lists of 13 to 25-year-olds in the U.S. Peanut Labs surveyed 1175 “Gen-Y” consumers, 34 percent of whom say they plan to spend more than $300 on consumer electronics purchases this Holiday season.

The partFoundry has revealed that it is developing an external GPS dongle for the iPhone. The locoGPS will connect to the iPhone via Dock Connector and will utilize open source, community-based software to interface with the iPhone and the Google Maps application. The company says the locoGPS will begin shipping in February, coinciding with Apple’s announced release of a third-party software development kit for the iPhone.

A new study by ABI Research says that the Apple TV is leading “a new breed” of internet video delivery devices. The group also said the new category of devices “will see shipments of 1.2 million in 2008.” Michael Wolf, director of research with ABI, said, “we believe that there is a possibility of a break-out success among these new entrants if they can create compelling content offerings, make consumer installation and management incredibly easy, and offer both the hardware and content at compelling pricing.”

Land Rover has unveiled its new LRX concept vehicle, which features an iPhone docking system as an integral feature of the design. In addition to the iPhone Dock positioned in the center console, the LRX also features “removable and power-adjustable speakers [that] include an iPod docking station.” It appears that docking an iPhone in the vehicle causes a different home screen to load, featuring a prominent “Start” button, presumably for the engine, and select iPhone applications including Google Maps, Weather, Clock, and Calendar. [via Engadget]

Independent music label Koch Records has announced that its catalog is now available DRM-free through iTunes Plus. Bob Frank, President of KOCH Records, says, “KOCH Records continues to embrace new delivery methods and technologies as we always have. We have never buried our heads in the sand and have reaped the benefits as we have the best year in our history.”


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