Design Commission is now offering an iPhone Stencil Kit (pictured) for developers to quickly mock-up application interfaces. The kit includes a precision cut stainless steel stencil featuring commonly-used UI elements, a Zebra mechanical pencil, and a downloadable PDF-format, letter-sized paper template for use with the stencil. The iPhone Stencil Kit is available now and sells for $17.

During an interview at the D7 conference, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made several comments related to the iPhone, wireless networks, and future plans. Stephenson said that the move to 7.2mbps HSPA would not have a negative impact on its network as data demands grow, saying, “it’s all network management….We’ll have a whole new capacity.” He also said that when both AT&T and Verizon are operating LTE networks, consumers should be able to take their handsets with them from one carrier to the other, and that the company remains happy with its iPhone arrangement with Apple, saying the company has “no complaints.” A full video of the interview is available online.

Apple had an interesting art-like installation called the “Hyperwall” on display at its 2009 WWDC conference. Built using 20 Mac Pro towers running Snow Leopard, programmed in Quartz Composer using new OpenCL APIs and shown on 20 synchronized 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays, the wall showed the activity of the 20,000 most popular apps on the App Store, arranged by color, animating each app’s icon every time the app was downloaded from the store. Click the link above to see it in action.

GPS maker Navigon has announced that it will be bringing its turn-by-turn GPS app MobileNavigator to the iPhone, placing it in direct competition with TomTom, which demonstrated its application during Monday’s Keynote. The new software will feature Reality View Pro, Real Roadsign Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant, Day & Night Mode, and the ability to display points of interest along the route, as well automatic display adjustment, and intelligent address entry, and the ability to navigate directly to a contact’s address. The company will also offer a free Lite version that lacks active route guidance, but can display maps and nearby points of interest. Navigon’s MobileNavigator will be available later this month; pricing has yet to be announced.

Charles Starrett

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