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A product page for the iPhone on the Mobile.co.uk website points to both O2 and Vodafone as possible carriers for the device in the UK. The page contains a simple disclaimer, stating “Please note that pricing and information for the Apple iPhone is based on the best information available to us at this moment in time.” [via MacWorld UK]

Instant messaging site Meebo has launched an iPhone-compatible interface, which allows chatting with AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber buddies from the phone.

According to an ABC News report, every astronaut on board Space Shuttle Endeavour has an iPod. Canadian-born spacewalker Dave Williams says his contains a song his daughter recorded. “She plays the piano and she recorded ‘What a Wonderful World It Is’ for me to play while I looked at Earth,” Williams stated.

A survey of 100 upcoming 2008 automobile models, conducted by Telematics Research Group, shows nearly 50 percent offer iPod connectivity options, up from 40 percent in model year 2007.

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