Mix: iPhone + Wal-Mart, iPod nano 4G bug, AT&T, T3 Awards

Wal-Mart will begin carrying the iPhone 3G on November 15th, according to a new report. The Boy Genius Report, citing anonymous sources, claims the handset will be available ahead of Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving which traditionally kicks-off the holiday shopping season), but does not provide any activation specifics or other details.

A new bug has been found in the current iPod nano 4G software. According to a thread on iLounge’s forums, the player will sometimes reverse the left and right audio channels when woken from its sleep mode, although the nano will often times correct the problem on its own after a subsequent power-down and reawakening.

AT&T will soon discontinue its $20/month “Unlimited” MediaNet data option for pay-as-you-go customers. Ars Techinca reports that users of the plan, which up until now has offered pre-paid iPhone customers up to 5GB of data transfer per month, are beginning to receive text messages from AT&T announcing the discontinuation, noting that 1MB and 5MB MediaNet packages will remain available.

British electronics magazine T3 recently announced the winners of its T3 Gadget Awards 2008, with Apple media products bringing home several awards. The 32GB iPod touch was named both Gadget of the Year and Best Music Gadget, while the iPhone brought home an award for Commuter Gadget of the Year.

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