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Gx5 is now offering packs of iPhone wallpaper images, with all five packs available for $5.

The iPhone Dev Wiki has launched, and as with AwkwardTV, it hopes to open up the iPhone to make it more useful. If you are interested in learning more, check out the #iphone-talk channel at irc.osx86.hu.

David Pogue has posted a useful iPhone typing tip on his Missing Manual site. When adding punctuation to a text entry, touch the “.?123” key, holding your finger down. Slide your finger onto the desired punctuation key, and release. This tip reduces the number of taps for common punctuation like periods and commas from three taps to one.

Mophie will begin taking suggestions for iPhone applications today at mophie.com. The application ideas will then be voted upon in the same way designs were chosen at MacWorld. iPod idea submissions can be submitted through the same platform.

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