Mix: iPod mindshare, Sonos update, iTunes 4.9, Podcast feeds

According to a study by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, more than 32 million Americans are planning to purchase an iPod within the next 12 months. The firm says iPod mindshare continues to outshine other devices like Sony’s Walkman Phone.

Sonos has released a software update that includes a “Sonos Desktop Controller” for the Mac, support for iTunes 4.9, and support for Windows Media Audio Internet radio stations.

PC Magazine gave iTunes 4.9 four out of five stars in a review posted this week. “Discovering and enjoying podcasts is now as simple as shopping for music,” the magazine says. “If you’re already using iTunes to manage your music, you can go online immediately and browse for interesting shows. If you’re using a different music organizer, this might tempt you to switch.

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