Mix: iPod video, Hollywood, Motorola V3X, Jobs successor

Newsweek’s Steven Levy writes about the iPod’s new video support. “Will people be similarly impressed by viewing such fare on the 2.5-inch iPod screen? A couple of weeks ago, Jobs tested it himself with an episode of Lost. The verdict? ‘It’s not bad,’ he says. With more than 20 million iPods sold, and a new business selling TV shows, he’s not desperate, and certainly not lost.”

The New York Times’ Richard Siklos says: “The video iPod is not about to revolutionize Hollywood in the way the iPod revolutionized music. Why? Two reasons. One is that studios are not rushing to make their most popular movies and shows available for the video iPod. Perhaps even more important, mobile gadgets with access to everything that is already on television are on the way.”

Engadget reports that Vodafone has the Motorola V3X listed as being available next month with iTunes. The phone also has a two megapixel camera, memory card slot, and Bluetooth.

In a BusinessWeek articled entitled “Atop the Apple Tree, Almost,” Arik Hesseldahl and Peter Burrow discuss the possibility of life after Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “If Jobs ever steps down, Tim Cook’s elevation to COO confirms him as the top candidate to fill his shoes. Actually, make that to try to fill them.”

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