Mix: iPodMyBaby, Hewlett-Packard, eMusic, ‘Da Vinci Code’

iPodMyBaby.com has announced the winner of the World’s Cutest Baby Contest, Madison, daughter of Mike and Michelle, from Minneapolis, MN. They will receive the prize package of a family of iPods.

After ending its iPod distribution deal earlier this year, HP’s contract with Apple requiring it to load iTunes on its PCs will lapse in January. This will allow the company to look at its digital music options with other companies.

eMusic today announced the addition of its millionth song. The track is a live version of the Pixies’ classic “Here Comes Your Man,” off of their forthcoming digital-only album entitled “Hey,” and will be exclusively on eMusic until January.

Apple is offering the theatrical trailer for “The Da Vinci Code” in iPod video format alongside small, medium, full-screen, and high definition versions.

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