A new photo from Expedition 14 at the International Space Station shows what appears to be a fourth-generation iPod and a Belkin external battery pack.

The New York Times is the latest to compare iPod sales to iTunes music sales. With nearly 70 million iPods sold as of September, and over 1.5 billion songs sold from iTunes, an estimated 22 songs have been sold for every iPod.

Police in Florida are investigating the disappearance of more than $35,000 worth of iPods from a Best Buy store. “A preliminary investigation revealed that there has not been a break-in or forced entry to the store, leading police and store managers to believe that the thefts could be an inside job.”

Apple has updated its iPod+iTunes support site with an interactive tutorial to show users how to download and listen to music on a new second-generation iPod shuffle.

LC Angell

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