Mix: iPorn, How-To videos, Apple margins, Yahoo! Music

CNET News.com reports: “Pinup site Suicide Girls said Thursday that it had launched a new, free feature: downloadable videos of interviews and photo shots with its models, all configured for the video-capable iPod. At least one unambiguously adult site, Povpod.com, has also released content for the device.”

Yahoo employee and blogger Russell Beattie says that the video-enabled fifth-generation iPod will create a new market for portable how-to videos.

Duncan Martell of Reuters has written an article that poses the question of whether rising iPod sales could hurt Apple’s margins. “Apple has a runaway hit with its market-leading iPod digital music player, but could the device’s success actually hurt the company’s profitability over the longer haul?”

Yahoo! Music Unlimited has raised the price of subscription music service from $4.99/6.99 annual/monthly to $9.99/11.99, reports Engadget.

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