Mix: iResQ, Ringo, AIM and IRC, George

iResQ has launched its full-service repair program for the iPhone. Ryan Arter, President of iResQ, said, “With the success of our iPod repair program our customers have naturally requested iPhone service. We have secured our parts inventory and are excited to be able to offer this service to Apple’s customers.”

The catalog of former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is now available on the iTunes Store. Offerings include the album Ringo, which features contributions from each of his former bandmates, and the newly-released Photograph: The Digital Greatest Hits, the latter available as a DRM-free iTunes Plus download.

A third-party native iPhone AIM application, ApolloIM, has been released. In addition, a native IRC client for the iPhone, iRCm, has seen a release. Both apps are available as packages through Nullriver’s Installer.app.

[via Ars Technica]

Chestnut Hill Sound has announced a price reduction for its George Digital Audio System for iPod. The system’s price is dropping from $549 to $499, and through December 31, 2007, the system will also include the company’s ultimate remote control recharging stand, a $50 value.