Leander Kahney of Wired News has rounded up several iPod-related slang terms such as iPizzle, iPodyssey, Podestrian, iPodolatry, iPlode, and Pod snob.

PC World notes the ongoing problems iPod shuffle owners have been having since last year. “A single topic on Apple’s iPod Shuffle support forum has garnered more than 36,000 visits since late October, according to statistics posted on the forum index page. Dubbed ‘Green and Orange flashing lights,’ the thread stretches on for more than 550 posts.”
PodShop has launched a complete revamp of the company’s website, and announced a special sale price on iDrops, its cleaning and scratch-removing product for iPods. The iDrops are available for $11.95 until July 4th.

The first official Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer has been posted online. It is available in iPod video format, as well as small, medium, large, and HD QuickTime video sizes.

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