Mix: iSmoothie, SEC filing, The Core, iTunes Japan

Blendtec’s latest “Will It Blend?” viral video features a fourth-generation iPod getting blended by one the company’s powerful home blenders.

Apple has delayed filing its annual report with the Securities and Exchange Commission due to its ongoing investigation into stock option grants. Apple was unable to file its 10-K Form by the required filing date of Dec.

14 because it needs to restate historical financial statements.

HandStands has introduced The Core, a new cable management accessory that helps users keep headphone cables in check. It’s priced at $5.

JBox.com is selling iTunes Japan Gift Cards, which allow users from around the world to buy music from the store without needing a credit card with a Japanese billing address. A 1500 yen card, worth just under US$13, costs $18 at the site. A 3000 yen card, worth closer to $25, costs US$35.