Mix: iTunes phones, TV programming, TiVo-to-iPod, Hollywood

In an interview with Fortune, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said there’s more iTunes-enabled mobile phones to come besides Motorola’s ROKR. “There are more phones yet to roll out,” he said. “Cingular has been great to work with.”

If it becomes popular enough, the video iPod could begin to “raise the value of television programming in the mind of the consumer,” says Steve Hoffenberg, director of electronic media research at Lyra Research. “People pay $30 or $50 a month for unlimited cable television for a couple hundred channels that they can watch 24 hours a day. Now all of a sudden, when one hour of TV is a dollar or two, it changes the value proposition for television.”

Engadget has posted a guide on how to get TV shows off of a Series 2 TiVo and on to the new video-enabled 5G iPod.

BusinessWeek’s Ronald Grover says it’s now the Hollywood studios’ turn to learn that digital downloads are the future. “Wake up, Hollywood. What are you waiting for? Either let Steve Jobs have your movies or—and this is a novel idea for any entertainment mogul—beat him to the punch with your own efficient, cost-effective way for consumers to get flicks off the Web.”

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