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Some iTunes Store users in the UK are angry over the pricing of recently-added TV episodes, which sell for £1.89 each. Other UK video download services sell TV episodes for 99-pence each, roughly half the price of iTunes. Jupiter Research analyst Mark Mulligan said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if they (Apple) had to change their prices soon: we’re in a situation where everything is always more expensive in Britain.”

A video showing a Symbian OS-based, iPhone-like touch screen interface from Nokia has been posted to YouTube. When asked about the similarity to the iPhone, Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s Executive VP & General Manager of Multimedia, said, “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride.”

iPhone modification utility iFuntastic has been updated to version 3. The new version includes Power PC support, a “permanent jailbreak” tool called Unshackling, and more. [via TUAW]

A Volkswagen spokesman has confirmed a meeting between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and VW chief Martin Winterkorn to discuss the possibility of placing Apple products into a new automobile, which some have labeled the “iCar.” Hans-Gerd Bode, the spokesman for VW, claims there are “scores of ideas,” but few concrete plans at this point.

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