Mix: iTunes video, Microsoft, Podcasting, NYPD, Tic Tacs

German iPod site iPod-fun.de says it discovered some interesting lines of code in the “itunes.exe” file for Windows such as “purchased Videos” and “create DVD Video.”

As part of its forthcoming subscription music service, Microsoft is rumored to be “considering a more direct attack on Apple, seeking rights from copyright holders to give subscribers a new, Microsoft-formatted version of any song they’ve purchased from the iTunes store so those songs can be played on devices other than an iPod.”

Citing stats from FeedBurner, Marketwatch reports that podcasting is “growing at neck-breaking speed.” The company says it “now manages approximately 60,000 feeds, just over 6,000 of which are podcasts (up from 500 in November).”

Because of widespread iPod theft, the New York City Police Department is reportedly stationing officers at subway stops to handout pamphlets on transit safety. The pamphlet reads: “Watch Your iPod… Let’s Stop iPod Theft” and warns that you should keep your iPod out of sight and to switch to a different kind of earphones.

Yet another makeshift iPod shuffle case: The Tic Tac case. “But what I like best are the white Tic Tacs mixed in with the shuffle,” says Wired’s Leander Kahney. “Reminds me of a fish tank!”

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