Images found in the resource files of iTunes 5—including “Gift video,” “Buy video,” and “Add video” buttons—hint that Apple could soon start selling standalone videos.

Apple this month filed for a new trademark on the term “iPodcast.” You can view the trademark application here.

In his positive review of the iPod nano, Matthew Fordahl of the Associated Press writes: “But the biggest problem, which also turns out to be its biggest selling point, is size. The Nano is so small that it tends to disappear quite easily on a cluttered desk. It’s also conceivable that more than a few Nanos will be forgotten in pockets and sent through the washing machine.”

Apple has posted a support document containing Motorola ROKR connectivity troubleshooting tips for those using Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, iSync 2.1 or later, or iTunes 4.9 or later.

LC Angell

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