According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple may be looking to leverage its purchase of the music streaming service Lala to create a web-accessible version of the iTunes Store, according to sources familiar with the strategy. Lala currently allows users to purchase and listen to music through a web browser, and the suggestion is that Apple would leverage this design to make iTunes Store content accessible without the need for the iTunes application to be installed. Notably, it appears Apple may already be taking steps to a more web-friendly iTunes Store with its recent introduction of a new in-browser iTunes Preview feature for iTunes Store links.

A London Catholic school is now providing iPhones to its students. Gumley House Convent School in West London has begun a classroom trial program to examine the use of the device and mobile technologies as a learning aid, while encouraging their positive use within the classroom environment. The initial trial consists of 30 students who will be given iPhone 3GSes on loan for the remainder of the school year to use as part of their lessons in school, and to aid their learning in general. Students will be responsible for the cost of any calls made on their iPhones, but the remainder of the costs will be covered by the Brentford City Learning Centre. The group of students involved in the study will be expected to meet regularly to discuss share ideas and discuss how they are using the iPhone to further their learning experiences. (via Fonehome)

Three new patent applications from Apple have been revealed this week. The first details new tamper-resistant labels for detecting when users open hardware devices so that Apple can detect when a warranty has been voided, adding to its prior insertion of moisture sensors to detect liquid intrusion for warranty-voiding reasons. The second patent describes a method for controlling iPod media playback entirely by motion via the iPhone and iPod accelerometer, allowing users to scroll through songs, flip through Cover Flow mode and select content for playback entirely by motion. A third patent reveals a new Universal Dock design consisting of an elastic sponge-like material that could conform to the shape of any mobile device. This design could replace the current Apple Universal Dock which relies on specific adapters for each different iPod or iPhone model. (via AppleInsider and MacDailyNews)


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