Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared in two televised interviews following the announcement of the iPhone yesterday. Jobs spoke with both CNBC and ABC’s Nightline. Watch videos at the links.

Fortune’s Peter Lewis has written an article about how Apple kept the iPhone a secret. “Apple didn’t show Cingular the final iPhone prototype until just weeks before this week’s debut. In some cases, Apple crafted bogus handset prototypes to show not just to Cingular executives, but also to Apple’s own workers.”

Despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs playing a Beatles song during his keynote presentation yesterday at Macworld Expo, the band is still nowhere to be found on the iTunes Store.

Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division, said his company is considering a mobile phone integrated with its Zune media player. “It’s probably on the table of things for us to look at, but not the number one thing we are focused on,” Bach said.

LC Angell

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