Mix: Journalists, Apple TV, Fake Steve, Creative Technology

The San Jose Business Journal reports: “Apple has been ordered to pay the legal fees of online journalists after an unsuccessful attempt by the company to make them reveal sources of information used in stories. Apple will have to pay more than $750,000 to lawyers who defended the journalists.”

According to a survey by ChangeWave Alliance on trends for the digital living room, the Apple TV has the best chance of mass market acceptance among media centers. “Apple has shown the ability both to innovate and simplify its designs to consumers,” said one respondent. “iPod is opening channels to Apple in a big way.” Another said, “They understand the biggest impediment to adoption is that people hate complexity, they just want to plug in and play.”

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, a humorous blog written by “Apple CEO Steve Jobs,” appears to be shutting down. “Well my friggin lawyers are advising me that I will have to shut down this scandalous old blog,” writes Fake Steve. “Details not worth going into here. Someday I’ll be able to explain. Maybe I’ll write a book or something.”

Creative Technology this week reported second-quarter net income of $92.2 million, largely due to a licensing payment from Apple. “The big jump in net income during the second quarter came largely from a US$100 million licensing payment received from Apple. That payment contributed $82 million in net income, Creative said. Excluding the Apple payment and investment gains, Creative’s net income for the second quarter was $9.9 million.”

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