Mix: LA Times, eBay, McDonald’s, Calendar, Gold

Following our article about Apple’s recent missteps, the Los Angeles Times’ Michelle Quinn has written a piece examining Apple’s actions and the subsequent response of its customers and supporters.

A new report from Packaged Facts states that $152.5 million in MP3 player sales took place on auction site eBay in 2006, representing more than 1.4 million units sold.

McDonald’s has announced that it will work with U.K.

wireless company Cloud Networks to offer free Wi-Fi internet access in its 1,200 U.K. restaurants. The Cloud recently announced a partnership with O2 to offer Wi-Fi access for U.K.

iPhone owners as part of their monthly tariff.

According to a Mac Rumors forum post, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in an email that the inability of the iPod touch to edit or add calendar events is a “bug” and that it will be fixed “in a future software update.” This claim is currently unconfirmed.

Goldstriker International plans to offer a gold-plated iPhone later this month.