Mix: Labor Day, iOS 4.1 9/8, Vibrating iPod touch

iLounge will be only modestly updated today as our editors celebrate Labor Day. We hope you, your family, and friends enjoy a relaxing holiday together. 

iOS 4.1 will be released for the iPhone and iPod touch on September 8, 2010, according to a small banner on Apple’s United Kingdom website.

The text, which has since reverted to ‘Coming Soon,’ did not appear on the United States Apple site, but is likely to be accurate. A subsequent release of iOS 4.2 to let iPad users in on the fun is still planned for November.

(via Macworld UK)

The new iPod touch 4G packs a vibrating motor, apparently to signal incoming FaceTime requests while the device is in silent mode, notes an FCC teardown of the new device. This motor adds one of the few remaining iPhone hardware features that previously differentiated the iPod touch from its more powerful cousin; it is likely activated and deactivated in Settings, as the iPod touch has no ringer switch.