Mix: Life2Go, Keane, Unique Whips, iSubscription

Kainjow has changed the name of its Pod2Go software to Life2Go. The program, available for Mac and Windows, lets you load your iPod with news, weather forecasts, movie showtimes, stock quotes, driving directions, horoscopes, lyrics, gas prices, and more.

Contact Music reports: “British rockers Keane are devastated their chances of getting to number one in the album charts later this month have been jeopardized by an iTunes blunder. The band’s second album may not reach the top spot because the online music store accidentally put ‘Under the Iron Sea’ on sale on their Belgium site last Tuesday, May 30—two weeks ahead of the official release.”
The first two seasons of SPEED’s “Unique Whips” is now available from the iTunes Music Store. The show features “Will Castro and his crew at Long Island’s Unique Autosports, as they retune, restyle and re-create luxury and exotic cars for America’s top entertainers and athletes, designing personalized pieces of automotive art unlike anything seen before.”

CNET’s James Kim thinks Apple will soon offer a subscription music service: “Going against conventional wisdom, I think Apple will soon introduce a subscription-based music and video service… as competition from the likes of WMP 11 and Urge heats—or, rather, warms—up, I believe Apple may shock us with its own bulletproof version of an all-you-can eat iTunes club. And consumers will lick it up.”

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