Mix: LifeDrive, Jesus’ iPod, Rhapsody, Automator


PalmOne’s unannounced new LifeDrive has showed up on Amazon.com. The “multimedia-centric handheld” has a built-in 4GB Microdrive, 320 x 480 color LCD, WiFi, and Bluetooth. “Combined with organizer features, the music-playing handheld could compete with Apple’s $199 4GB iPod mini,” says CNET News.com.

Mark Morford of the San Francisco Gate has written a follow-up to his “What’s on Jesus’ iPod?” article with reader suggestions of Ministry, Moby, Metallica and many more. See what iLoungers think would be on his iPod in our forums.

PC World’s Edward N. Albro says RealNetworks’ new music service doesn’t work as advertised. “Despite trying with two IRiver H10 MP3 players, two Rhapsody accounts, and two PCs, and getting suggestions from Real engineers, I was never able to transfer any Rhapsody track I hadn’t bought outright onto a portable player,” he says. “For me, at any rate, Rhapsody To Go just didn’t work.”

Engadget has posted a how-to on using Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger’s new Automator application to load your iPod with audio generated from text-based websites.

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