Mix: Lotus, Salary, Pocket Express, Squid Case

Despite reports that IBM planned to introduce a version of its Lotus Notes e-mail client for the iPhone this week at the Lotusphere conference, the company says it is not ready to release the software. “It’s not something that (is) ready to go out and market or launch,” an IBM spokesperson said. The software is expected to allow iPhone users access to the full range of Notes tools, including e-mail, calendars and databases.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs once again took only $1 in salary from the company in 2007, a tradition dating back to the co-founder’s return in 1997.

Jobs did gain $14.6 million on paper over the year, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, by exercising stock options that were about to expire. According to Apple’s proxy report, Jobs has accumulated around 5.5 million shares Apple stock in the last ten years, worth an estimated $730 million.

Handmark has launched Pocket Express Travel, a new web application for iPhone. Pocket Express Travel for the iPhone and iPod Touch gives users on-the-go access to accurate airline schedules and flight statuses, detailed hotel information and books from Hotels.com, dozens of click-to-call travel numbers for airlines, rental car agencies, and more, a 24/7 round-the-clock travel reservations service, automatic conversions for 164 global currencies, and exclusive travel commentaries.

To access the service, visit pocketexpress.com from an iPhone or iPod touch.

Shana Logic has introduced its new Squid iPhone Case. The slim, sleeve-style case is handmade from red vinyl and features red side stitching and a distressed pattern that reveals a squid design, which carries from the front to the rear of the case. The Shana Logic Squid iPhone Case is available for pre-order now for $25 and is expected to begin shipping on February 6.